The Firefighter’s Maltese Cross

The international symbol of the fire service is the eight point Maltese Cross. It is a symbol of sacrifice and protection for mankind patterned after the cross of Jesus christ. It is a badge of courage and honor and its story is hundreds of years old. the badge of the Knights was a white cross on a  black background. The Knights received the cross of their vow to service. Later the order became known as the Knights of Saint John. history tells us when the Knights went to battle against a group of warriors known as the Saracens, they encountered a weapon- glass bombs filled with naptha… It was a perfectly simple, but horrible device of war. Hundreds of Knights were killed other Knights risked their lives to save their brothers from the fiery death. In 1530 the entire island of Malta was given to this courageous order of the Knights. The symbol on their flag was the eight point cross. Later becoming the “Maltese Cross”. It is used today as the ultimate symbol of HEROISM and service. The cross is used by Great Britain to fashion the order of Merit, and the Distinguishes Service order. The Maltese cross was rightly selected as the International symbol of the Firefighters it is a sacred emblem. Its origin is holy, and it tells the story of Man’s Service to God…


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