What Exactly Is A Firefighter?

I’ve had people over the years ask me just what it was that so attracted me to this job? Its a good question. After a considerable amount of thought, I’ve come up with a few ideas.If monetary awards were your only reason- you’d have chosen poorly. If for work schedule- not much better. Being on call year round in all kinds of weather. Having to stay in condition, be a team player, being ready to perform at any time, or waiting long hours- I think you get the picture, but why do thousands show up for such few positions? I like to think to help and protect our fellow man. I think there is a certain gratification by training and sheer willpower to pit ourselves against one of the most powerful forces of nature and, winning- most times. We know when we enter the Fire Service that we’ll probably shorten our lives, but most of us would wish for no other. So what exactly is a “Firefighter”? My Brother’s, and Sister’s well know it takes 10 years of sometimes harsh experience to mold us with patience, humility, courage, and yes even heavy doses of humor- a Firefighter won’t gel without it. So I think it just get’s in your blood over time, and you never regret what you’ve become…


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