Shrooming In the Wild!. :o)

Soon we’ll be entering Mushroom Season in New England in earnest!. I’m looking forward to– imagine coming home with a basket full of Wild Fungi, and not having to pay one Dime for.! Collect your treasure in areas that are pesticide, and chemical free. When I went with my Father back in the day it was to Fields Park, or Ames Nowell State Park in Massachusetts. Sometimes even a Stump we spied alongside the Road!. We were especially careful to pick only the varieties we knew- avoiding the poisonous ones. The safe to eat varieties I’d compare to a N.E. Garden grown Tomato compared to a Supermarket one in flavor difference.! Yes they are that exquisite, and right delicate in flavor think woodsy, but in the best way!. It is a good first step to get a good reputable guidebook on identifying them. I have my Father’s old Book “The Mushroom Book” 29.95. It has Italian Cooking Recipes in as well. Foraging in the Woods is also a great way to get Exercise, bring a Walking stick, a small Knife- Dad would cut them at the stem avoiding uprooting., and have a wicker basket & mushroom brush to knock off Dirt. Remember don’t eat any you can’t identify. I believe that is what may have killed young Chris McCandless in Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” More than anything else get ready and go Wild- you won’t regret it…


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