Remembering 9-11…

Fifteen Plus years into my retirement after 20 years as a Brockton Firefighter I’d have done it all over again. I come from a family of Firefighter’s and am Second Generation myself. I had never heard once my Father complaining about the Job- even when I was holding a magnifying glass as a Kid while he was digging out broken glass from venting windows & rolling hose– with a pair of Tweezers!. I was just a Kid then, but was fast figuring out that the Career Field of Firefighting was more than just big red Trucks, bells, air-horns, and sirens. I didn’t have the length of career of my Father’s 30 plus years, but I’ve never regretted my Service. We were both enjoying our morning on Sep. 11 th. Dad at home, and I at Brockton Hospital for a pediatric appointment. The TV was on in the waiting area- when the planes struck the towers. We all even Dr’s. came out running to look- then the terrible collapse, and knowing they were all gone…I think we all connected more with our loved ones that day, and I felt compelled to reach out to my Father who lived through a similar attack though years apart…


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