Uncle Sam Does Not Want You

The Contrary Perspective


Matthew Jacobson.  Introduction by William Astore.

America has always postured as being open to immigrants – of the right kind, that is.  Posturing becomes imposture when those immigrants are judged to be the “wrong kind” by prevailing groups.  Matthew Jacobson reminds us of this in this satirical list, and poses a telling question at the end.  W.J. Astore

NATIVE PEOPLES  You are already here. Welcome us immigrants. We bring peace, but not for long.

AFRICANS   Come to the colonies! Free transportation! Permanent jobs! Permanent shelter!

CATHOLICS   We don’t want you. Stay away. Your religion is not the right religion, and our religion is the right religion. We will make your lives miserable until you go back to wherever you came from.

IRISH    We don’t want you. Stay away. You don’t even speak English. Your language is weird. It sounds so weird it is probably not…

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