This Blog is dedicated to my Wife Pia, the brightest light in my Galaxy!.

The Scale of the Universe is simply humbling, and the best way to understand its astounding grandeur is not by light years, or parsecs, but simple analogies. Think of the Earth as a mote of dust as Carl so eloquently put it. Our Sun but a grain of Sand, and the Galaxy but a child’s Sandbox. Then moving beyond our Sun to our nearest local Star “Proxima Centauri” the distance if drivable by Car better start driving its Toronto to Tampa Bay!. in comparison!! This helps us understand why our most powerful Scopes can’t resolve Stars to Discs even Hubble can’t!. We can only see points  because of their immense light output…Moving out of our Solar System into the millions of Stars in our Galaxy seen best in Summer, or the Southern Hemisphere– the “Milky Way” is a whitish hazy band of light from billions of Stars.! Try looking at with binoculars sometime. I’m sure you’ll be astounded. Again I turn to the Sandbox analogy Our Sun but a grain of sand, Earth a mote of dust best seen with a Microscope…The Galaxy a Child’s Sandbox 12 inches thick in the Center going out thinner toward the edge of the Kids Sandbox… Now moving out of our Galaxy there are billions of outer Galaxies in our Universe spread out like Clumps of Sandboxes miles away from each other- representing light years in our analogy, and the spaces between them are devoid of anything- empty Space if you will…The Galactic groupings and shapes have been studied to be in groupings of Strings & Clusters our’s merely in the Virgo Local Grouping.The rest of the Universe can be our Earth in Size with Millions upon Millions of Galaxy Groupings like Sandboxes again. This is in effect what Hubble’s Deep Field revealed– the deeper we looked the more Galaxies we revealed. Humbling and Wondrous all at once. We can set up our backyard Telescope on our tiny Deck and have been given the ability to comprehend the scale & beauty of all this awesome Universe!. And We live in it!!


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