This Winter You can really feel like your on another Planet…

A surreal blindingly white landscape is all I’ll remember when this Winter finally gives up the Ghost- the Ice Planet Hoth really does comes to mind. As we deal with yet another named winter storm (by the Weather Channel) “Pandora” I feel like we’ve opened that proverbial Pandora’s Box after such a mild start, and I was still Cycling in my Bianchi only Weeks ago blissfully unawares of what was to come. Even telling Daughter Rachel whilst reminiscing the first Blizzard  “it was nothing compared to my living, or surviving- we said back then the Blizzard of 78″…  Ironically we’re both about the same Ages then as now too. Man was I wrong, and a Jinx too. Now that I’ve lived ie. endured 7 out of 10 of the Worst recorded Winters in N.E. History  I’ll know better to keep my mouth shut!! Now I’m ready for Spring to return…I long once again to see/ embrace the Olde Towne Team, see the historic Ivy Laurel leaf  of our “Boston Strong” Marathon Winners come April, the Brownstones, and seeing the new Buds on our Stately Oaks & Maples.! Aw well onward & upward we go to the changing of the Seasons. We can take solace in the fact that we’ve already gained an hour of daylight, and the Summer Constellations have returned in the Dawn sky’s… Well wherever you are I also hope you’re enjoying/enduring the subtle changing of the Seasons. :o)


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