Sniper Chris Kyle Did Not Live Long Enough

The Contrary Perspective

The Original Poem on "Guilt" at the Vietnam War Memorial The Original Poem, “Gunships,” signed “Pudd,” at the Vietnam War Memorial

Walter Stewart (Major General, U.S. Army, retired)

Sniper Chris Kyle did not live long enough.  I don’t say this in the context of his and Chad Littlefield’s senseless murder at the hands of a supposed brother-in-arms, but in the context of the American Sniper movie trailer that has Kyle saying, “I’m willing to meet my Creator, and answer for every shot that I took.”  If this statement is accurate — and I have not read the book or watched the movie — Kyle died before he had time to think it over.

In 1985, I visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C.  There I came across a poem written by a veteran named Pudd, a gunship pilot, call sign Croc 4, 119th Assault Helicopter Company, RVN 1970.  In his poem, which I’ve included below, Pudd laments the…

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