Total Eclipse of the Harvest Moon…

When I was up last week like the rest of most of the western world waiting for one of natures mysteries a Eclipse which affected me more powerfully now that I live in a Dark Sky location I couldn’t help but marvel, and be amazed by the celestial beauty of it all. During this Eclipse I was able to distinguish the subtle re-darkening of the sky-dome around my observing site (my backyard sky-deck), and see the reemergence of the Milky Way plus many tiny fire-fly like Stars around the eclipsing Luna… Truly beautiful, and why I so enthusiastically support the efforts to maintain our Dark Sky’s for future generations to be able to behold the same!. We now have a more than 2 year wait until the next total eclipse of the Moon, on January 31, 2018 and that only will be visible from the Eastern Hemisphere and the western side of North America. The previous tetrad of luna eclipses began in 03- 04 The next begins on 25 April 2032!, and God willing I hope to be there. I’ll be approaching Octogenarian status as well “78”…:/ :o) Godspeed!!


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