Vietnam War Protest Songs: Relevant Then, Relevant Today

The Contrary Perspective

kent state “What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground …”

b. traven, Greg Laxer, and Mike Murry

Editor’s note: We wanted to share with our readers an off-line conversation some of our regulars had regarding protest songs and the Vietnam War.  Back then, songs really meant something.  We encourage you to write about your own favorite protest songs in the “comments” section below.  Thanks.

b. traven:  I was opposed to the Vietnam war and was attracted to the new lifestyle arising among our county’s youth. So I went to rock concerts with my kids, worked with BEM (Business Executives for Vietnam Peace), and loved the music of that time.

One particular piece of music combined all of these things. I recorded it on my tape player for which I had built a slot on the cabin hatchway on my racing yacht. When we were on a…

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