Friends and Enemies? Does US Foreign Policy Know the Difference? Do Citizens Know the Difference?

The Contrary Perspective


b. traven

We hold Saudi Arabia and Turkey close to our breast while both play a double game in funding, and encouraging transit of arms and fighters for ISIS and other extremist groups in Iraq and Syria. The result?  Mayhem continues and Europe is overwhelmed with desperate refugees fleeing the chaos.

At the same time we continue to push Europe into confrontation with Russia as we actively throw gasoline on that fire with our intervention in Ukraine that has resulted in a situation like a small Syrian disaster.  We (the Obama administration) helped to install an extreme right-wing, corrupt government in Kiev to replace a Russian-friendly, corrupt government in order to further our aim to encircle Russia and try for ‘regime change’ there.

Not satisfied with the disaster we have we caused in Europe and the Middle East our enlightened neo-conservatives and neo-liberals (including our former Secretary of State) have…

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